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L.A. Castle Studios, located in the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank, California, is perhaps the most technologically advanced 4K television and feature film studio in the world.

We offer almost everything a producer needs in-house and ready-to-go to create elite quality video presentations of all kinds, including television commercials, infomercials, talk shows, narrative programs and movies, game shows, TV series, television pilots, and more.

We look forward to showing off our studio and doing business with you!

Equipment List:

1. Three 3D 4K virtual studio systems powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine, allowing your productions to take place anywhere in the Universe you can dream with complete reality. Live compositing with cameras moving freely, anywhere.

2. Green screen cyclorama with stage, audio and video control rooms, and lighting grid. Large three walled pre-lit cyclorama (40 ft by 50 ft. total). Tons of silent HVAC, clean isolated power (separate transformers), 20 ft. ceiling (15 ft. to the grid), and stadium-style seating for audiences up to 130.

3. Extensive studio lighting and dimming package, including the amazing Digital Sputnik DS1 LED lighting system — the light made famous on productions like Star Wars Rogue 1 and Ant Man & The Wasp

4. Three Arri Alexa-like (but at 4K) Varicam 35 4K cinema cameras — the elite cameras used on productions including Netflix’s Ozark, Anne with an E, Orange is the New Black, Master of None, HBO’s Animals, AMC’s Better Call Saul, and many other major series and feature films.

5. Three Fujinon Cabrio zoom 4K cinema lenses.

6. Three Panasonic HPX3000 cameras, combined with an array of Canon HJ series HD zoom lenses. Using the AVC-Intra codec, these superb cameras are among the world’s elite. Cameras are configured for multi-camera studio shoots, complete with remote controls and communication.

7. Three high end Canon HD zoom lenses: HJ21ex7.5B IASE, HJ11ex4.7B IASE, and HJ17ex7.6B IASE.

8. Multi-camera studio configuration, complete with remote controls and communication.

9. Ki-Pro 4K recording decks with massive storage capability. 4 feeds recorded -- isos on all cameras plus a line cut.

10. 4K Switcher

11. Large assortment of cinema quality wireless and boom mics, and full communication system

12. Three Ultimatte 12 4K chromakeyers for perfect keys

13. Star Tracker camera tracking system, allowing cameras to move freely with precise tracking for perfect live compositing. Truck, dolly, crane, stedicam -- total moving camera freedom

14. Teleprompter system — 5 total (one on each of the three cameras and two additional “presidential” prompters that can be positioned anywhere)

15. Assorted tripods and dollies, including two encoded Vinten Vision 250E pan and tilt heads with Vinten 2-Stage EFP CF 150mm Pozi-Loc Tripods and dollies with full studio configuration remote controls, and one Vinten Vision 100 tripod system

16. 13 ft. CamMate Travel Series encoded jib, encoded by General Lift, with motorized pan/tilt and remote zoom/focus, allowing for precisely tracked shots that match perfectly with the virtual sets. This is the famous “Encodacam”, as used on the movie Avatar.

17. Vast assortment of HD and 4K monitors

18. Fully decked out editing rooms and systems

Studio Space:

1. Multiple makeup rooms
2. Conference areas
3. Dining areas
4. Luxurious green rooms
5. Dressing rooms
6. Production offices.
7. Private changing rooms
8. Restrooms
9. Ample parking

L.A. Castle Studios’ beautiful facility, amazing technology, the latest equipment, and friendly and knowledgeable staff are what you need for your next production. A day rental includes shooting with our full 4K virtual system powered by the Unreal video game engine, crew of five, and access to dressing rooms, makeup rooms, green rooms, writers’ rooms', conference rooms, and the rest of our gorgeous studio building. With our 4K cinema virtual technology, your production can take place anywhere in the universe, past, present, or future, with complete reality.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on set construction costs alone. In fact, our set designer also designs sets for NBC, CNBC, and CNN, as well as many other network productions and feature films, so your productions will be stunning, whether you use one of our gorgeous library sets, or have a custom set created just for you.

We can even make your production appear to take place "on-location", with full camera movement, and complete photorealism, from a crowded restaurant, a lonely desert highway, Times Square, outer space -- anywhere you can dream, with true-to-life automatically adjusting 35 mm depth of field. And with live green screen compositing, you'll eliminate surprises, and save thousands in post production costs too.

Our clients include some of the biggest entertainment and media companies in the world, including Disney, CBS, NHK (Japan), BBC, Relativity Media, Viacom (MTV and Spike), CW, NBC, and many others.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

Unreal Video Game Engine Live Seminar
Added on 11/5/2018
The Unreal Video Game Engine is changing the way Hollywood makes TV series and movies — and no one knows about it. Scenes are being shot anywhere in the universe, past, present or future, by simply aiming a camera at actors in an empty room. Creative doors are being opened, and millions of dollars are being saved. The technology is available at L.A. Castle Studios in Burbank, California.

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