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We produce/ support / fix productions of any sort within Mainland China. Gingerfillms has almost two decades of experience all over the country, with offices in Shanghai and supporting local producers all over China for films, television advertisements, reality shows, documentaries and photoshoots.
We are particularly apt at getting permissions, shooting in various remote locations, on a tight budget. Curious about shooting in China? We have an extensive location database so send us your storyboard, script or idea and let our staff give you a proposal for putting it all together.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

Added on 7/22/2018
Shooting around Shanghai for Thyssen-Krupp, total support.

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E-sports Stadium
The Three Gorges Esports stadium in Zhongxian Chongqing. It is a rapidly developing city on the banks on the Yangzi river. Essentially The stadium is a theater in the round, 360 in this case with ground floor plus two mezzanine floors that sit really close to the central stage. It has large video planes above the central area, 6.8 meters high and concentric 2 meter High LED screens around each balcony which you can see in the photos but are not lit up in any of the photos. I am assured they work. Further there is a very sophisticated lighting system above and on the hanging video screen apparatus. There is nothing permanently on the floor, for the esport games each time the floor display is built. The venue holds 6000 people and has been recently used for the June China wide esports championships. It is used for other things light concerts and boxing matches. While this hall is complete the entrance hall still has the floor with a protective covering and the outside of the building lacks some completing LED lighting (a type of programmable tube lighting. The grounds are still not manicured and on the digital incubators side some windows and all the interior is incomplete. It sits on the beautiful hill overlooking the river with the city on the other side of the Yangzi. There is an expressway that will connect Zhongxian with Chongqing in two hours driving now, an airport and a bullet train station that are an 1.5 hour drive. The city is known for a Red Bridge that looks somewhat like the Gold Gate that crosses the Yangzi. The one flight a day direct from shanghai is 2:10 minutes from leaving in the early morning and the direct flight back is midmorning costing under 250$ each way. Thoughts: It is the largest venue in the world for esports but it is a long way and something at floor level might be needed to bring in or built. Hotels are good and the government agency overseeing the stadium is very willing to work with us too shoot. Large Equipment and lighting could be source from Chong Qing TV one of the largest television stations in China (there are no networks).
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