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EAI provides "aerial" video and photo services, using a Remote Controlled Aircraft that is not only controlled via radio from the ground, but is also GPS assisted.

Raw (stabilized as needed) footage
Basic video edit with light post effects ( Realestate, events, etc )
Premium Editing with moderate setup and prep (interviews, green screen, ect)
Action Sports Event Documentation ( races, Competition, activities, ect )
Professional Commercial Editing and production
Cinematography and Film production
High end Motion Graphics also available.
( Sorry no Wedding movie edits - only Aerials to add to 3rd party wedding videos )

Remote Controlled Aircraft: (see attached image)
The Light lifter X8-Copter (currently under upgrade) will carry :
GoPro 3 or equivalent
Compact Mirrorless Canon EOS-M DSLR
Best in winds under 30 MPH
Capable of travel speeds near 30 MPH
Compact and collapsable.
Flight Duration 5-15 min pending payload
The Heavy lifter OctoCopter will carry :

CineStar 8 - with 2 different quick release 360 panning stabilized gimbal + 2 user setup for flight and camera control,
DSLR / Small Camcorder Gimble
RED / Phantom / FS700/100 large Gimbal
Best in winds under 20 MPH
Capable of travel speeds near 20 MPH
Flight Duration 5-15 min pending payload
Remote Controlled Cable-Cam: (see attached image)
FlyLine - 600ft Suspended Synthetic Cable Trolley with a 360 panning stabilized gimbal + 2 user setup for the high-tension motorized cable trolley and camera control, *Equip for RED Epic/Scarlet, Phantom Flex, Sony FS700 payload.
Camera Equipment:
Canon 7D + misc lenses/batts/ect
Canon 60D + misc lenses/batts/ect
Canon EOS-M + misc lenses/batts/ect
Sony HXR-MC50U
GoPro cameras (qty 6)
Aerial Camera Monitoring Ground-station with GPS interface
Plus misc supporting gear
(Other cameras are available for additional rental fees)

Summer Reel 2013
Added on 9/16/2013
A great reel showing some of the type of work we do

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