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Is there a momentous occasion happening that needs to be filmed or photographed? Would your business benefit from a promotional video, but you don’t know how to make it happen? Is your trade business about to tackle the biggest project to date and you want it documented? Do you need a photo catalogue of a major project? Do you have a special or promotional event that needs to be pulled together? Are you part of TV or film production that needs local fixing? For all of these or any other reasons, do you need a kick-ass producer, director and photographer? Then you need me.

I am extremely versatile with production strengths in field directing (talent and camera), story producing and editing (Avid and Final Cut), post producing, episode pairing, script and VO writing. With a solid background in production administration including scheduling, budget maintenance and legal/location clearances I'm capable of working independently on location and managing a crew. While highly detail orientated and very systematic, I am great on the fly and can create "something" out of "nothing".

I have a knack for working with challenging talent - attributed to the years I spent as a Field Producer. Additionally the bulk of my story experience comes from working in difficult environments, terrains, settings, and extreme weather (a firehouse infested with bees in 110 degree heat? Night hiking during a snow storm in the Canadian Rockies? NO PROBLEM). Furthermore, I'm accustomed to living on the road and working internationally for extended periods of time and go where the story needs me. I am based out of Connecticut however work through-out New England, New York and Los Angeles.

Currently my job description is, “I make things happen” – I pull details together and find ways to bridge the creative idea with real world logistics. That means I’m on location, in the thick of physical production producing and tracking story lines, directing talent and operating a camera to produce a quality short documentary that emphasizes the unique individual personality of people and companies.

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Kick For Nick
Added on 4/13/2015

A fallen soldier is honored through the kick of a soccer ball. This video looks at the organization Kick For Nick.

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