Jeff Milk

Sanford, Florida


About Me

If you are searching for a passionate, inspiring, freelance artist who enjoys animatic/story boarding, 2d/3d animation and concept drawing, you just stepped on the big X marking the undiscovered treasure chest. Once you dust off the hinges and crack the simple,lock, what you find is a dingy old lamp that could be on your mother-in-laws antique shelf and never catch a second glance. But after picking it up out springs this down to earth Floridian with a BFA in computer animation who graduated 2006 Cum Laude honors from IADT Tampa. He is a self motivated, team player with project management experience, who can transform life onto the drawing board or computer screen. Knowing how to hit the ground running, stick to deadlines,roll with punches, and overcome obstacles along the way are just a few of his gathered traits and abilities. Maya, Photoshop and After Effects are favorite pass times while he is inside his lamp waiting for the next person to pick it up and dust it off. Need help getting your ideas in front of the board? Or maybe you need an extra team member to hit that deadline next week, and those free interns just aren't gonna make it happen. Give me a call, lets kick around some ideas and we can discuss your plan of action.

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