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Building the progressive infrastructure for the future
With more people receiving their news from the Internet than ever before, it is essential that the progressive movement have a state-of-the-art studio geared toward creating online content. At Brave New Foundation's headquarters in Culver City, California, Brave New Studios cutting-edge video, live web casts, and pretaped shows seen by the online community around the world.
Since its inception in July of 2008, Brave New Studio has produced In Their Boots, This Brave Nation, Meet the Bloggers, and a series of debates about the war in Afghanistan as part of the documentary campaign, Rethink Afghanistan.
Brave New Studios is building the progressive infrastructure for the future of Internet news.

Brave New Studios is available for your next production
Added on 10/15/2013
For rental inquiries and rates Contact: Devin Smith - Director of Operations (310) 204-0448 x227 DevinSmith@BraveNewFoundation.org Please like the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BravenewStudios and share with anyone you think might be interested in renting a studio for a small production, event, or live-broadcast. Selling points: I'm Rusty Gaidzik, the studio manager here at Brave New Foundation. The biggest advantage we can offer is my personal touch. Let's say you want to do something that is too complicated to pull off in the time you have. Say for example, you have one day and you want a complex 10 mic setup with lights that fade up and down in sync with a sound cue that you actually want played on set for the actors to hear (ie thunder sound effect and lights flicker). That would be very difficult to set up day of, but if you communicate with me beforehand, I can troubleshoot any problems and have all that set up and ready to go before you even arrive. But here are some of the many other advantages: Location-most of the studios in LA are near downtown, Hollywood, or Burbank. We are located in a particularly nice part of town compared to most studios, with excellent restaurants, a park, and a shopping center a block away. We also have a patio area with a propane grill and picnic tables. broadcast capabilities(video switcher)-most studios our size do not offer a broadcast video switcher nor the ability to broadcast easily. We offer a broadcast quality video switcher, (Broadcast Pix Slate 5000) that is all set to begin recording and broadcasting, simultaneously if you want. We also have audio and video patch bays and distribution amplifiers. history/reputation-Robert Greenwald’s reputation speaks for itself. He started the company about 10 years ago as a response to what he was seeing happening in the media at that time. If you are unfamiliar with his work, please check out his IMDB or wiki page. competitive additional services-for a nominal fee, we provide services that many other studios don't, such as set construction, make up, hair, PA’s, DITs, in addition to a studio manager(myself). We are a full production company so you can actually rent our space to shoot and then have us capture, edit, and produce your final product be a DVD or a Web Video. We are a one-stop shop in that sense. audio/music/adr recording-we are already well set up for voice over recording. We can easily set up the studio for ADR, music recording, and other niches purposes which might not be possible elsewhere. camera and other shooting gear- For a studio our size, we offer more gear than any other. We have a gib and gimble, DSLRs, lenses, ENG camcorders, sound board, video switcher, green screen, monitors, lights, programmable lightboard, grip gear, and much more. stopmotion/timelapse-I happen to possess some fairly unique skills and specialties which may be a selling point to productions in need of these particular elements. This includes stop-motion, traditional animation, miniatures construction and photography, timelapse, slow motion, and live-event broadcast and recording.

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