Marco La Via

Los Angeles, California


About Me

I am a French-American multi skilled filmmaker who has recently relocated to LA.

So far, I have received most of my professional experience in France. I completed my studies there and worked in the TV and documentary industry for the last three years. I have occupied various positions: production assistant, camera reporter, coordinator.
I was also the writer, producer and director of a documentary that aired on a cable TV Channel in Canada and on two French national TV channels, one of which decided to broadcast it on its worldwide network (including the USA). This film was acclaimed by the critics in Europe and aired close to one hundred times.

I am a very reliable person, I possess excellent organizational and communication skills, a strong work ethic, and I enjoy teamwork. Most of all, I have the will to surpass myself and to evolve and grow within the US entertainment industry.

Born in Santa Barbara, California from an American father and a French mother, I moved to Europe when I was six years old. The fact that I was raised a bilingual in this cosmopolite milieu in between two different cultures and two different continents has influenced my personality to a great extent, stimulating my curiosity and my ability to think outside of the box. Yet, I always wanted to come back to live and work in my birth country.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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