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Long Beach, California

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My name is Livia, which you probably didn't know is Hebrew for 'lioness.' Although as a recent graduate of Boston University, I'm beginning to wish it stood for 'guaranteed a job' or 'aces all interviews.' However, as a person who loves tweeting, blogging, pinning, and every other variation of 'verb-ing' social media, my name means 'unique' and 'chances are you will get the username you want.'

What my name doesn't tell you is that I've had experience and love creating social media campaigns for start-up organizations, working as a radio host and interviewing bands around the country, and have worked with a variety of industries (from entertainment to non-profit). That my passion lies in forward-thinking groups that seek to take a good idea and make it great. Groups that want to not only change the status quo, but reinvent it.

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