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Currently a Sophomore at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts double majoring in Film Production and Photographic Arts.

I am a DP, Editor, and Director with 6 years of creating films for myself and for various clients ranging from family and friends to internet startups larger corporate entities. I love to create images and tell stories through compelling cinematography.

As for gear, I am highly experienced with all Canon DSLRs (5D, 7D, T3i etc) [Including those hacked with Magic Lantern], Panasonic prosumer cameras (DVX100b, HVX200), Canon prosumer cameras (XH-A1/G1, XL-H1), GoPro action cameras, and RED Digital Cinema cameras (RED One, RED Epic/Scarlet). And for editing, I am highly proficient on Final Cut Pro 7/Final Cut Studio 3 and am advanced on cutting on AVID (both of which I own).

And as for other skills, I am a certified Scuba diver for underwater camera work and have been diving for 4 years.

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