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I am a Cuban born filmmaker currently residing in Austin, TX. While growing up in Cuba, it was difficult to find creative influences outside of our small country; the majority of media coming in was censored, and films were a very special treat to catch on the only two television channels Cuba had at the time. And if we were lucky enough to have electricity when a movie would come on, I would cherish every second of it and hold on to it.
I was fortunate that my mother believed in history and culture outside of the the communist mindset everyone is forced to learn there. She would take me to movie theaters as much as she could, get her hands on books from outside the country to read to me and continuously approved of my creative writing. When I look back, I believe it was her influence that made me the artist I am today.
My father is the most inspiring and intelligent human being I know. A chemical engineer, with a life long motto of 'work hard, and keep pushing through anything'. “Siempre para adelante,” he still says: Always forward.”
It was his push to move to America, to ensure I had a great education, while he worked two minimum wage jobs alongside my mother to support it. It was his continuous positive attitude that inspired me to follow my dream of attending film school and to move around the country for work.
I believe a vision to create a film project is one of the most beautiful aspirations. There’s an aura of inspiration to those that can collaborate and create. I love nothing more than to be on set creating and collaborating with others. I have been working in the camera department for ten years, and Cinematography professionally for six years.


I have been in the industry since 2008.

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