Adam Ruszkowski

Shanghai, China

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Adam Ruszkowski is a director of photography and lighting cameraman based in China.

After graduating from UAM's Department of Film, Television and Digital Media Adam began his career working on documentary projects around Asia and collaborating with artists on short films and experimental videos.

Adam developed his skills as a cinematographer by shooting a wide range of documentaries, commercials, short films and music videos. His credits include projects for HBO, BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, as well as feature movies such as award winning “Citizenfour” and "Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web".
He also shot brand clips for IBM, Mandarin Oriental, Huawei, Hennessy and many others.

Projects Adam had worked on won numerous awards including Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Asia Pacific Screen Award, SXSW Film Award and Muse Creative Awards.

Having travelled and worked extensively in the region Adam is highly adaptable to challenging environments and cultural specifics. Whether working on fiction, documentaries or commercials he is determined to find visual style that enhances the project and engages the audience.

Adam is EasyRig ambassador for China & HK.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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