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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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My name is Justin Foren. I am a freelance motion designer. Originally print was my major passion until I found video. It was love at first sight. I find myself jumping into my video work with new found passion every time I begin something. I also found it is the one thing that helps to incorporate my perfectionist side as well as my design aesthetic side. Here's just a little background story about yours truly. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. At a very young age, traditional art became a huge fascination of mine and it grew into something that I now consider my profession. I enjoy every frame of my field of work. That was a little video joke. When I began working with art I was more into a traditional style. Using a lot of paints and fine drawing pens. With a background in fine art it was an easy transition into the design world. With basic composition layout to aesthetic appeal already fine tuned before I even touched digital art.

Some time passed and I started a clothing company that fell under pretty fast because I was a poor high school student. It wasn't until a few months before I graduated that I decided to go into the digital field of work. I spent so much time using my hands to really create things that I needed a change of surrounding and went to Full Sail University where I received my Associates in Graphic Design, graduating with Valedictorian, and then moving on to my Bachelors in Digital Arts and Design. If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Justin Foren
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