Rebecca Ulmo

Atlanta, Georgia

About Me

My name is Rebecca Ulmo. I’m an experienced operator of various camera systems. After 6 years of Film school, I earned my Masters Degree in Cinematography. While attending my Graduate year, I worked my way into Local600 as a Camera Assistant. I’ve been successfully working in the Film Industry as an Assistant and an Operator since my graduation.
My duties as an Assistant were that of internally and externally managing all video levels of the camera, building multiple camera systems and maintaining equipment for the entire Camera Department. I’m used to handling multiple cameras and I can troubleshoot almost any technical problem.

As an Operator, I’ve been passionate about my work and I have been blessed with patience and a creative eye. I focused on Operating during my Graduate years and I’ve been active ever since. I can offer you a mixture of Industry experience, a higher education and an ability to handle multiple cameras at a time.
I’ve operated many types of Jibs, sliders and my favorite is Hand Held. I cater my yoga and gym exercises to maintain my strength and flexibility as an Operator. I feel it is just as important to take care of your health, as it is your camera.
I have full confidence that I’m the right woman for the job. I am a dedicated and trustworthy employee and when I’m hired to join the team, I wont let you down.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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