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Being a part of the human connection that media can bridge has been an endless quest of my career. Richard Leacock has suggested, "We are really only successful in finding out anything when we are filming somebody who is more concerned with what he is doing that with the fact that we care filming him." I absolutely agree with this idea, and I became obsessed with capturing moments of genuine authenticity that rarely brush the viewfinder.

Julye Newlin Productions, Inc., began early in 1993, after a film editing position at NASA's Johnson Space Center facility ended. Fortunately I had been playing around with newly introduced video formats, since 16mm was the preferred choice for documentary filmmakers, and was able to launch the company with the release of Hi-8 media. With an international list of clientèle in broadcast and industry I have enjoyed an invigorating career as a director / camera operator. Many of the skills I acquired during my retro years of sprocket holes and fixer have found themselves surprisingly useful again. Currently, I provide DIT services for organizations looking to streamline and secure their digital cinema productions. Rapidly changing technology demands qualified technicians with through experience in color, computer, production and post-production knowledge. Heck clients like National Geographic, PBS, BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Learning Channel, Turner Broadcasting, the Sci-Fi Channel, and the USA Network can't be that wrong...could they?

If you are interested in checking out some of my stills, here is the link: http://julyenewlin.photoshelter.com

I have been in the industry since 1993.

Julye Newlin, DP
Added on 10/21/2013
Demo Reel, Julye Newlin, c 2006 Julye Newlin Productions, Inc.

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