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Chicago, Illinois

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My name is David Scozzari I'm an Industrial Designer originally from the NYC area now trying to make my way in the Chicago area. Before coming to Chicago I was a CAD Designer at a furniture/cabinetry shop in New Jersey. Being here has taught me the value of seeing things from many points of views and explaining CAD drawings in ways build teams can understand. I also spent a good amount of time helping build and install teams with construction/installations which really helped me learn to work with my hands and be comfortable around a variety of tools. Before that I had a short stint in Freelancing which I still try to do from time to time. My freelance consisted of some Identity Design and helping with renderings and CAD models for Kickstarter and Quirky projects. Working as a Freelancer helped me learn to self manage myself and how to work with people that have limited knowledge about design/engineering. Finally my first work experience in the ID field came from my Internship with Movado Group. There I worked with senior designers to create watches in Adobe Illustrator to be sent out to the factories. My time there made be very extremely efficient at Illustrator and taught me the limitations of design and keeping to strict dimensions while still expressing style.
Thank you for taking the time to go through my resume and portfolio. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and look forward to getting my foot in the door in a new city!

David Scozzari.

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