Sheena Michelle

Winthrop, Massachusetts

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The beauty in the world around me is what inspires me everyday; You are my Muse.

My mission is to help all women see the true beauty that lies within themselves.I discovered my passion for makeup later in my life. Being in and out of the modeling world as a child and teenager, I found it hard to connect with the industry in a creative way. I knew that I wanted to be a part of a creative field but I also wanted to find a way to bring self confidence and empowerment to women everywhere. I began realizing how much makeup affected the way women carried themselves and wanted to be a part of an industry that would bring back a sense of self worth into the lives of women.

I graduated with honors from the Aveda Institute and hold a cosmetology license in both Tennessee and Massachusetts. In 2012 I was awarded as a Beacon winner by the Pro Beauty Association. I have worked with a variety of other artists on photo shoots, fashion shows, and in studio to create beautiful images to share with the world around me.

My artistic eye, vivid imagination, and desire to empower women is what makes me a unique asset to the world of makeup artistry. There is always so much to learn in this ever changing industry and I continue to actively seek out opportunities to master my craft everyday.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, I have a strong desire to travel anywhere my makeup brushes take me.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

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