Vito Maserati

San Diego, California

About Me

High energy 808-infused drum lines. Lush synths with infectious,
jazzy melodies. Saxophone. Combine these elements and you get
the unique sound of theDGTL, a collaboration between Montana’s
Vito Maserati and Seattle’s own: The Reference. TheDGTL is an
artist’s dream, giving them a platform to create tomorrow’s next hit
over a futuristic sound that is not simply a replication of the current
trend in radio and pop music.
TheDGTL instead is committed towards discovering the next sound
through collaboration and utilizing the talent of other artists to
their fullest of abilities. Our goal is to take the journey towards the
next musical trend with recording and visual artists, and production
companies looking for cutting-edge music for their visual projects.
Helio Collective, and Vans Skateboarding, studio owners and artists
agree that theDGTL’s futuristic sound perfectly accompanies their
projects, isn’t it time that you upgraded your sound as well?
Whether creating tomorrows next viral Song, or looking for an
unique sound for your film score or commercial, let theDGTL take
your project to the next level and give you and edge over the

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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