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FLOWSTONE FILMS is owned and operated by Bill Pea who has over 20 years of experience in broadcasting. Bill is passionate about video production and brings a positive attitude and energy to every project.

Bill’s background in video production includes: research, writing, producing, shooting, directing, lighting, non-linear editing, and DVD authoring. Bill utilizes his experience from each of these roles to enhance the position requested for the day. His understanding of how these positions are interconnected serves to benefit any production.

Video is a powerful tool. It captures experiences that can make people learn, laugh, love, and cry. Its sole purpose may be to entertain or it can change minds, create loyalty, and motivate many to act. Whatever experience your viewer needs, FLOWSTONE FILMS can capture it, edit it, and deliver it. FLOWSTONE FILMS will work with you to pinpoint the goals of your video project and make it happen within your budget. We have the latest equipment and for 20 years have been honing the power of video for many clients. Why not you? Contact FLOWSTONE FILMS to get started.

Bill Pea is equally as passionate about outdoor adventure as he is about video production. He has over 19 years of experience including: caving, canyoneering, rappelling, backpacking, ATV, mountain biking, snow skiing, canoeing, etc. Over the years Bill has made many friends and contacts in the adventure community. Bill enjoys traveling off the beaten path and has explored places few have had permission to access.

Do you need a videographer hanging from a cliff, building, or bridge to get those hard to reach shots?
• Eagles nesting high in a tree canopy.
• The chalk covered fingertips of a rock climber clinging to a cliff.
• The toes of a base jumper on the edge the New River Gorge Bridge - from under the bridge.

Bill has ropes with descending and ascending gear, and attachments for both cameras. He also has backpacking gear, caving gear and can arrange rigging teams, and rescue crews. His experience and enthusiasm for outdoor adventure make him a welcome addition on your next expedition.

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