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1720 Madison St NE, 304
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413


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100% FAA LICENSED DRONES, HD/4k/6k/8k Camera Crews available 24/7 starting at $150/hr - just 1 CALL - (612-208-8819 Minneapolis Headquarters). Same-day digital delivery via FTP / Google Drive / Fedex Overnight, portable green-screen setups, award-winning filmmakers, pre-production, freelance HD camera crews, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, and RED choices including Dragon and Epic Helium.

Our video style at Provid Films (pronounced "Pro" like "professional" and "vid" like "video"), never had a chance to get stuck in the 80's because most of our team was just being born. We specialize in high production value / cinematic looking beautiful social media video content that prioritizes 'story' and 'getting the shot' over budget.

* We are 'those kids' that use a 3 axis gimbal/glidecam/steadicam to get those nice organic floating shots. Everything from a Devin Graham Glidecam to the Movi m5 and steadicam operator.
* We are the ones that set up a slider just to make the scene a little more dynamic as opposed to just using sticks 90% of the time. Whether that's a small ground or tripod based setup or something larger, we get the smooth movements that make your film pop.
* We are the ones to use a small tripod based carbon fiber jib because, while it may just be a small 8ft movement when used appropriately, it can add tremendous production value to those small video projects.
* We are the ones that prefer to grab a RED camera or Panasonic 6k because they offer amazing visual quality. That said, we still have a Canon C100 ready for clients that can only handle 1080p footage! For 1080p HD camera crew work, it's a solid camera.

Our video editors at Provid Films prefer working with 4k and even 8k footage in Adobe Premiere CC, Davinci Resolve, and even FCPX because it's just so beautiful and flexible. Storage? Yeah, we have over 100TB of storage and we're ready for your next big idea. We can transcode to whatever resolution and format your client needs. Pro-Res, m-peg4, Mov, Tif, etc.

Timelapse? Hyperlapse? We would love to collaborate and brainstorm your ideas.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to save time just calling us! We'll let you know if your project isn't in our wheelhouse and point you in the right direction. We usually have a mutual connection even when we're not the best fit for a given project.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

Small Business Commercial - Only 1 Autoglass
Added on 11/6/2013

Small Business Commercial - Only 1 Autoglass

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