Joshua Sjoen

Las Vegas, Nevada

About Me

I have an extensive library of original compositions including works for full symphony orchestra, full concert band, chamber music, solo instruments, ethnic folk ensembles, as well as electronic ensembles and sequencing. I have experience composing for commercial, film, multimedia, and feature performances.

I am a highly skilled music arranger and for more than 10 years I have been arranging music for a variety of different requests. Most of which have been for feature performances as well as for film and multimedia.

I possess extensive performance experience that encompasses many different venues. Although my primary instruments are viola and violin, I have experience performing on a variety of instruments. I have performed with numerous orchestras, electronic ensembles, ethnic folk ensembles, jazz bands, concert bands, as well as other musical venues.

Music Technology
I have acquired experience with the latest composition and sound recording software. I possess hours of studio recording experience and I am familiar with digital and analog recording equipment such as: microphones, analog mixing boards, effects units, etc. I also have extensive experience with music editing/mixing. I can also perform sound set-up for a variety of live events.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

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