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Victor Guidera is a digital media marketing specialist and technologist — It’s been a long road of intense learning, performing at the top of companies’ expectations, and continually achieving his personal definitions of success. Every failure along the way has deeply strengthened his ability to never give up, even in the absolute worst of situations.

What best describes victor is: pure passion, meticulous execution, and tremendous motivation. He is a teacher; a perpetual learner. After being head hunted into a major recording studio engineer position for two years, Victor shifted gears in 2009, joining local media company Musora Media Inc (Drumeo) initially as a video editor for promotional, marketing and educational video. Just a few months later as Production & Technical Director, he was producing marketing videos, promotional content, lesson videos, live streams, and creating an engaged global audience.

At Drumeo, Victor had become known around the globe for his pristine film aesthetic, extremely well-rounded technical strengths, and his ability to create compelling, empathetic stories that customers engaged with on a very high level. Having become fascinated with the exponential growth of technology and what it means for businesses, Victor is on a lifelong quest for disruptive technologies and new innovations that better humankind.

Victor has grown an astounding amount intellectually and professionally over a short dozen professional years. Every day, he tirelessly studies human psychology and marketing techniques to stay abreast in the best ways and to continue to build his unique personal brand.

With companies, he’s helped execute the most difficult and rewarding marketing campaigns. Having played a critical role in marketing and growing three businesses into multi-million dollar ventures, his unique digital media content, workflows and studio designs are sought after by businesses around the world. Victor’s video work has a collective 210+million global views across multiple brands and channels. Always maintaining an entrepreneurial and startup mindset, one of the best features Victor has to offer is that he’s the “ask to do anything guy”. And he executes without a misstep.

In 2016, Victor moved with his wife and two children from BC, Canada to Tucson, Arizona and officially opened his side business, Suonotec Media and Technology. Suonotec provides high quality, engaging video marketing content, business technology consulting, and unique audio & film studio designs for businesses in North America. He then re-joined forces as acting Chief Technology Officer with the world-leading education conglomerate, Musora Media Inc.

Whether it's business development, addressing a new market, building a brand from the ground up, or creating content to be viewed by millions of people, Victor's passion fuels his innate ability to empathize with customers and business owners in all types of marketing collateral.

I have been in the industry since 2006.

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