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It begins with an idea, and then a dream. It is followed by the realization and manifestation. The final complete realized dream is then carried over and shared with an audience.

With over 7 years in the videography and film industry, we know how to get from point A to point Z, with every letter in between accounted for. We specialize in event videography, such as weddings, trade shows, and instructional videos. We also specialize in cinematic endeavors, such as short films, commercials, animation, and music videos, all with deadlines in mind and met.

Bring us your idea, and we'll bring it to life beyond your greatest expectations.
This is how Z Dreams.

We have been in the industry since 2006.

Z Dreams Demo 2014
Added on 11/15/2013
Events shot from 2006 onward as both a freelancer, employee and individual artist, including weddings, short films, trade shows, live events and stop-animation.

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