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Orlando, Florida


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I am a 22 year old videographer out of Orlando Florida. I film skateboarding and I'm also open to any other video work. I've been into filming for the past 6 years I first started up with a regular sony handy can using mini dv tapes. After that i gotten more experienced with using camera equipment so I upgraded to a vx1000 with a fisheye from there I filmed skateboarding events/commercials/contest and just skateboarding it's self. After the times have changed its time to upgrade to high definition video so I got myself a canon 60d and I'm a big fan of all the dslr's they look amazing but I needed more of a camcorder. So after saving up money I recently got an panasonic hpx170 and I love it. I love to make videos it's my passion and I would love to work in a felid that I love.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Sequel Demo Reel Teaser
Added on 11/17/2013
Sequel is an Independent Skateboarding Film Based out of Orlando,FL and Around the United States.Featuring Full Parts From Bert Wootton and Chris Blake. Filmed and Edited By Kevin Perez .DVDs Are available at

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