Luke Zwanziger

Portland, Oregon


About Me

I am an Award Winning Cinematographer, Editor and Director Based in Oregon. Creative storytelling is a passion whether it is your local ad campaign or Feature Film production, I get your story on screen, no matter the size.

As an editor I have worked for big brands like Apple, Adobe, Sundance, Nike, and more.

Live Events - I have directed and edited footage of performers like Patton Oswald, Maribeth Monroe (Good Place, Workaholics), Amber Nash (Archer), Jaime Moyer (Modern Family, Parks & Rec), and more.

I have live directed/edited over 600 live comedy events including standup specials, improv, talk shows, music performance and more. I also independently produce content for artists, businesses, and myself with a suite of production gear that I own.

Let me bring my wealth of knowledge to your production!

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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