Kelly Mackey

Los Angeles, California

About Me

I am a highly motivated graduate of CU Boulder with a background in film
and television production and a strong passion for producing. My previous
experience working in production and on TV series has allowed me to participate
in various step of the producing process. I also have experience covering high
volume desks for producers, assisting development executives, and have
acquired the skills to keep up with a fast paced and demanding work
environment. I am looking for a position in the entertainment industry that will
provide creative as well as professional growth opportunities.

I was previously an assistant to the Co-Executive Producer, the on set
Producer, and the Production Supervisor for Longmire on Netflix, where I
supported them with all administrative, production, and personal needs. My main
duties included managing each of the producers╩╝ schedules, call logs, travel,
organization of all their production materials, hiring technical consultants, and
participating and taking notes in all production and logistics meetings.
Additionally, I assisted with correspondence with internal staff and department
heads, as well as agents, managers, and networks, using highly professional
verbal and written communications. It was an extremely busy office that required
multi-tasking, handling strict deadlines, and providing knowledge and support for
our shooting crew. I am very confident in my writing and verbal skills, as well as
my production knowledge and research abilities. I have experience in assisting in
the office, on set, during prep, production, and wrap.

Through my position I have researched show topics, written character
breakdowns, and worked closely with Producers and Department Heads to
execute their vision for the show within budget. I prepared materials for scouts
and meetings and maintained comprehensive episodic notes. In addition, I liaised
with our cast and directors and provided assistance for the needs of production.
Lastly, I booked and scheduled departmental meetings with episodic directors
and the producers.

I have been in the industry since 2013.

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