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My name is Fernando Rodriguez. I am graduate of the Art Institute of New York City’s in Digital Filmmaker

I have been in the industry since 2011.

Fernando Demo Reel
Added on 11/29/2013
Commencing with the first image or video. These are the shot, which appear on my demo reel. 1) The Watch: Short Film: I'm Producer and I won the AI College. Scorsese fest. Best Picture as producer film. • Coordinated casting, locations. and 2nd A.D. with all crew members. 2) Monster energy: commercial: I'm Producer, Directer/writer, DP & Editor. I Organized & programed different sports locations. • Edited film project for screening with final cut pro, after effect & correction of the colors. 3) Thesis. Between Love & Faith: Short Film: I'm Producer, Directer/writer, DP & Editor. I Worked in all film areas from pre-production, production and post production. • Made cast selection for actors, locations and crew members. • Coordinated and directed, film and audio. • Edited the imaged and audio with final cut pro & protools. 4) The Departed movie: psychology Scene Recreation, Short Film: I'm Director/Editor. I Coordinated and directed the short film. • Applied different techniques as scene objective, verbs, compelling given circumstances, bad friend technic,moment before, contrary expectation.• Edited film project for screening with final cut pro. 5) As Evening at Curly's: Short Film: I'm Director of Photography. I Applied the 3 point rule light to obtain well lighting from my object and rule of three, 180 degree to capture good footage composition.

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