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About Us

isovideo is an innovative award-winning startup company. We specialize in file/stream-based, GPU accelerated, server cluster development and services for superior quality HDR/HFR/WCG processing. Our latest award-winning Viarte offers unparalleled HDR to SDR tone-mapping, stunning SDR to HDR up-conversion, contrast-enhanced SD-to-HD or HD to UHD digital remastering, motion-compensated HDR/SDR noise reduction, standards conversion, FRC/retiming, accurate Gamma/PQ/HLG conversion, and highest quality HEVC encoding. isovideo also offers systems for realtime on-the-fly processing/transport of UHD/HDR lossless video.

isovideo's new Game-Changer Award-Winning Viarte cluster-based on-the-fly, HDR/HLG/SDR conversion self-service is a unique pilot program, and the first to bridge a couple of goals important to the media and entertainment industry, it also offers steep cost and time savings.

Viarte was used for "footage conversion" (59.94i to 23.976p) in two-time Academy-Award winning director Ron Howard's concert documentary "Made in America", impressing the producers and editors. Over 600 converted concert clips with light-show strobes and lasers needed no redos whatsoever. Viarte was chosen after competing with other more renowned solutions.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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