Sherry Liu

Los Angeles, California


About Me

I'm an absolute film & TV addict. For a long time, getting involved in the film & TV industry is a dream that I've always cherished. I believe in the artistic charm of visual image and the power of great storytelling that can rock our souls. I'm interested in doing film/TV production(shooting, on set, etc) , pre-production(script development) and post-production(editing). My career goal is to be a versatile director/producer in the film industry or media industry.

I love film and the process of filmmaking. During undergraduate study, I made some short films. Some of my work in which I worked as a main role (director, producer, writer or editor) were nominated for "Best Student Short Film" of some domestic and international film festivals, such as Hawaii International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. I was selected as a representative to participate in the Sino-U.S. filmmaking cooperation project "SMART Exchange" within the framework of Hawaii International Film Festival and worked as a producer and editor for a couple of short films in cooperation with American student filmmakers. Now my graduate study in film & TV at Syracuse University has been completed. I'm still on my way of pursuing my dream. During my graduate study, I was fully exposed to many aspects of the production process, including scriptwriting, writing script coverage, video shooting, editing, film business, etc.

I had been working at Shanghai Media Group (SMG), the second-largest media conglomerate in China, as an on-camera TV news reporter and editor for two years. Meanwhile, I also worked as a producer and director for some TV programs from time to time. I gained lots of experience there in TV production, TV programming, news reporting, in-depth reporting, interview techniques, coordinating and editing.

In summer 2013, I worked as a production assistant for a TLC's reality TV show "Alaskan Women Looking for Love", which has been aired in Oct 2013. My job includes helping the executive producer with any kind of office work, summarizing each scene shot and making storyboards for each episode of the show, helping on the set in a studio when the production team was doing interviews with the characters for the show; coordinating with the talents, sifting through the footages and picking out highlights and good moments from them; editing the footages by using AVID; searching for appropriate music to underscore the scene, etc.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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