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MetroMD is an eminent institute of regenerative medicine that emphasize on HGH therapy for treating the patients. Dr. Martin is the Medical Director at the institute and believes that regenerative medicines is the result of backbreaking efforts and extensive research my doctors and medical practitioners. MetroMD, Hollywood cures the patients with latest breakthrough technology like Stem cell, Nano, PRP therapy, Botox that keeps the body beautiful, healthy and young forever.

What do we provide
HGH Therapy
Human Growth Hormone treatment is administered with once-a-day injection coupled with the balanced diet that treats multitude of ailments with less down time. HGH is clinically proven to improve lean body mass, libido, improves the quality of hair, nail and skin. HGH also treats with dwarfism.

PRP Therapy
The institute is most admired for treating patients with PRP therapy. PRP treats the patients with knee, shoulder, ankle injuries that heals the back pain, cervical with less down. PRP serves as the alternative treatment for ACL, MCL, Meniscus and Cartilage damage. The treatments at the institute are FDA approved and hence safe to undergo.

Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell is an alternative therapy for treating tennis elbow, elbow arthritis, hip injury, shoulder injury, rotator cuff. Stem cell also treats the patients with back injury & vertebral and degenerative disc disease.

Regenerative Cosmetic Procedures
MetroMD provides the safest treatment for cosmetic benefit for the youthful skin with Botox, Collagen filler, Non surgical facelift, Facial stem cell application, Laser skin surfacing.

Gene Therapy
The therapy can be used to prevent many diseases that are marked in the patient genome through simple changes in their lifestyle.
The use of the genome allows the healthcare provider to prescribe proper vitamin supplement for preventative measures.

Repair Ankle Injuries with Stem Cells
Added on 3/27/2014

Dr. Alex Martin expert in regenerative medicine at Metro MD,.explains how ankle injuries including achilles tendon can be repaired easily with the help of stem cells.

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