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HBNB Productions, Inc. is an experienced, full service production company based in Los Angeles, with offices in Clearwater, Florida and New York City. HBNB offers a boutique of quality and excellence with personalized service. Over the years, our experience has granted us a diverse base of opportunities, ranging from short term projects to feature film, varying from low to high budget.

The primary goal of HBNB Productions is to shape, create, and realize the vision of our client through partnership, collaboration and relationship. We always aim to exceed client expectations.

From commercials, music videos, documentaries, behind the scenes, corporate videos, and events, to feature film, the HBNB team is dedicated to producing creative, quality projects while working within your budget requirements.

We have experience both nationally and internationally and are comfortable working with celebrities and people in notable positions. We are extremely professional and deliver our personal attention to all projects, large and small.

In addition to full production services, from concept to completion, or individualized services, the members of our team are available for appropriate crew positions on outside projects. Resumes and references are available upon request.

Jennifer Barbaro, CEO of HBNB Productions was originally from Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to further pursue her film career. A descendant of the famed Schwab Pharmacy, she felt destined to be in Hollywood. In Los Angeles, Jennifer received extensive training, opportunities, awards, education, and experience, including an MFA in Communications and Film from Loyola Marymount University, a SAG/AFTRA union membership, and a Best Director and Best Feature Documentary award. Jennifer is a member of IMDB and TBFN. She recently directed and produced a film with Emmy Award winning DP and Sound Engineer, Bill Mills and Jack Neu, and has previously worked with Academy Award winning DP, Shana Hagan. Jennifer is well connected and has the ability to bring an A list team to the projects she and HBNB undertake.

We are open to complimentary consultations. Please contact us to discuss further.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

Burning Witches by Haley on Toil Records
Added on 1/16/2020
A music video that follows the singer doubting his inner beliefs. Enter a red-clad vixen, clawing her way out of a bubble to infect his world. She taunts the singer and audience of nuns, seemingly unnoticed by them, until the singer ultimately concedes to the red devil's flirtations, setting himself, the devil, and his nun-clad fans free. Now transformed and in lingerie, the once comforting nuns, give in to temptation, and rock out with the band, ultimately sealing the singer's fate.


I loved working with Jennifer on my project. She is a fantastic story editor as well as a producer, and gave great notes and guidance on our script. Most important, with her production skills, she was able to realize our vision without having to change the story.

Dave Sievers
Writer, Dasi Services

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