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Hello my name is Bobby Huerta and I am the fonder of Live Life Company. Live Life Company creates web based commercials and is located out of San Francisco California. Live Life will creatively tell your story and present it in a eye-catching presentation that will tell and define why your company should be their best choice! A video production is a blend of both technical skill and artistic flair, requiring the expertise of a director (Me) that can work well with actors, a director (Me) of photography/cameraman that can photograph a great image, and behind the scenes personnel to coordinate everything from casting to delivering the final product. Putting it all together is an art form unto itself — an art form which I have worked with for quite a while now in order to produce great results for people like you. Live Life uses high-definition cameras to capture and produce videos that rival anything short of film with a rich, cinematic quality. I can produce content from a short 30 second spot for online commercials to a feature length film, and anything in between, including music videos, infomercials and much more.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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