David Vine

Aiken, South Carolina

About Me

Information expert - If you need to know now, pick up the phone, use a credit card and I'll go to work for you researching your specific topic(s) online.

I'm no ordinary "super searcher." I pioneered the seminar "Internet For Investigators" in 1997 and have been conducting seminars, workshops and webinars on that subject since then.

Way over 10,000 (we stopped counting a couple of years ago) professionals in 47 states (internationally via webinars) have availed themselves of my training and/or video/slides productions.

I'll consult with you to determine the feasibility of your assignment and give you my honest appraisal of the likelihood of finding that which you need. If I can do it (I almost always can) and it's legal, I'll give you three things that don't normally come together -- high quality, fast turnaround and modest price.

Try me!

I have been in the industry since 1981.

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