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Roseland, New Jersey

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Master Photographer/Cinematographer, Director/DP with 100k of equipment. Cameras & Lighting. Available for Commercials or FIlms
I have been into photography since 1988, I moved into cinematography in 2012, I have shot Commercials for small business' Doritos, and events. Looking to move into film now to further expand my skills. I have the mastery of lighting and composition down. I earned my masters in 2006, my craftsman in 2002, and my CPP in 1992. I know Final Cut, Premier, Photoshop, and working on After Effects. I have access to a crew of over 10 to almost any production.

I have been in the industry since 1988.

Zombies Love Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2014
Added on 12/31/2013
This was a commercial I written and directed and produced along with being the DP for the 2014 Crash The Super Bowl competition, It was about Halloween Trick or Treaters that found a house that was giving our Doritos for Halloween and the zombies found out about it and they started to attack the kids for their Bags of Doritos when the house ran out of them.

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