Chase Nixon

Atlanta, Georgia

About Me

I have worked in many diverse environments pertaining to the music and film business such as major major Hollywood film productions, major touring music productions, and smaller productions such as my own independent work. I have held different positions in both the business and creative side of the entertainment industry in order to gain as much knowledge as I can about every important aspect that brings it to life.

I am an experienced performer as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer/songwriter, and saxophonist. I have been doing this all for about 12 years. In addition to my creative skills, I also developed some technical skills in order to bring my creations to life. These skills consist of audio engineering and video editing on multiple platforms that are used in today's top production facilities.

I am an alumnus of the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program at Kennesaw State University. I also completed my Bachelors of Science for a major in Communications/Journalism and a minor in film.

I work extremely well in collaborative environments and am confident, motivated, professional, and diligent. I am known for my comedic and caring personality, which helps me create a positive vibe among my co-workers. I am always looking to learn new things and touch on old ones. Film and music are my life and I am fortunate to have done the things I have in this business. I plan to keep grinding my way though in hopes of achieving my goals as a professional musician and writer/director.

I have been in the industry since 2002.

Chase Nixon Editing Demo Reel 2014
Added on 1/30/2014
My Editing Demo Reel 2014.

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