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Lake Elsinore, California

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I'm an independent DP/Camera man, as well as a full time Steadicam & Jib owner operator. I sub myself out to companies in need of such services.

I’ve operated my Steadicam & Jib for companies such as Warner Bros, DreamWorks, Columbia Records, Fashion TV & Absolute Productions to name a few. Churches I work for where I operate my Steadicam & Jib are, Crossroads of Corona & Cornerstone of Wildomar. I shoot features, shorts, commercials, music videos, concerts, expos, Corporate video's, weddings & an array of live or taped events, on or off com. I've worked with many high profile artists that can be seen on my film reel. I enjoy being a part of the team.

I have been in the industry since 1991.

Shawn Bossick DP/camera man Steadicam & Jib film reel
Added on 12/8/2014
Shawn Bossick displays his skills as a Steadicam & Jib owner operator at over 50 gigs in 2013. I also do DP/camera man work. Available for hire. 2 for 1 deals available. Rent the Jib at normal industry standard rates & receive the Steadicam for free.

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