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Los Angeles, California


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I am a producer of content for agencies, production & VFX companies and creative services (e.g. the Duck Dynasty promos for BIGSMACK or MLB for Directv). You know my work if you have been anywhere near a TV of late.

I've done a ton of stuff for Directv shooting strictly live action or working with VFX and motion graphics companies. And I offer a production versatility that clients find helpful. 

• I can be a crew of one--working as a live action line producer for you and your team! 

• Or I can bring the whole crew. My company Modern Times Film Company has produced hundred of spots and has insurance, lines of credit and accounts around town.  

I've produced large and small projects. I've worked on locations all over the world.  I've done hundreds of studio shoots, some with complicated builds; others with MOCO rigs and other toys on green or blue screens stages.  So I have some serious experience on visual effects projects. And I've done a lot of celebrity stuff, some of which you can see online.

Please go visit my producer website at www.michaeldeaneproducer.com or my company website, www.moderntimesfilm.com.    

I've run several companies including one of the first live action/CGI hybrids. We were early (too early) and full of ideas (and ourselves) though we did develop Cosmic Voyage, an Oscar-nominated doc and we shot our first HD spot when cameras were the size of small couches.

But now it is about producing. Overall I've done most everything ad-related, wearing many hats: from generating ideas to closing deals to production to delivering fully-finished films. Oh yes, I've shot print with some amazing photographers too. Because I'm a filmmaker, directors do tend to listen when I speak. My Jet Set video for Dr John was the first rap video on MTV--ok, it was in lunar rotation but it broke a barrier.

Though I work mostly here, my international work defines my global view of advertising. I learned working with international clients on multicultural projects where attention to detail and filmmaking skill sets were absolutes. These skills come in handy. And I've worked all over: Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, especially Brazil.

I've also done a ton of celebrity stuff: actors,musicians and athletes.

I'm a calm guy. Maybe it is the martial arts: mind, body and spirit. Or maybe it's my low blood pressure--so low that I once fell asleep on the grid of a Formula Renault race. Whatever, it works for me.

I am a problem solver in content production, drawing upon my vast experience on each production. I love what I do. I like to challenge myself and I learn more every day. And thankfully I enjoy the journey.

I have been in the industry since 1981.

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