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Here at Derfel Pro Audio I specialize in sound design for film and television, and also provides music editing and mixing, V/O recording, and much more. I use a highly personalized approach to sound for film which takes into account everything from narrative development to a single character's own growth. With plenty of professional experience and a creative ear, I can help you create a sonic world for your film that is completely unique and perfectly crafted to bring a new dimension to your story. In addition to providing post-production sound editing and mixing, I am also able to provide location sound services to help you capture the most important part of your film - the performance. And, if you just have a great idea for a film, I provide consultation services to help you figure out how to most effectively use sound in your story. If you're interested in how I can help make your film sound its best, please send me an email at derfelproaudio@gmail.com.

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We have been in the industry since 2009.

Isaac S. Derfel Demo Reel
Added on 1/4/2014
This is a demo of some work that I have completed for short films over the past few years. For all of the films shown (with few exceptions) I recorded location sound and provided post-production sound services. At Derfel Pro Audio I strive to leave my customers feeling like they got more out of the sound in their project than they paid for. Even though these films were all produced on small budgets, I strived to provide the very best sonic quality possible. While every project is different, my approach stays the same: Work hard, work honest, and be creative.

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