DeSitaa Lipscomb

Atlanta, Georgia

About Me

4 years experience in Production Pre/Post, features, reality, award shows, live shows etc.
Experience: Editor, DIT, Set Photographer, Casting, Logger, Field Coordinator, Key Set PA, Production Assistant/Office Assistant
Cameras: Canon 60D / 7D / 5D / Sony Ex3
Editing Software:Premiere/ Final Cut Pro / After Effects/Photoshop/Lightroom/
Systems: Windows and Mac OS I am an experienced production professional, going the extra mile in all stages and areas of production from pre/preparation to post-production. I have been a Producers Assistant, Set Photographer, Logger, Coordinator and Key Set Production Assistant/Set Production Assistant.

I work closely with 1st Assistant Directors, and 2nd Assistant Directors, to ensure the filming process runs smooth as possible. I have worked on reality television, stage shows, concerts, and award shows. I have also worked closely with coordinators and production managers both in the office as well as on set.

I have experience in handling large company moves involving extras and talent wrangling. I am also experienced in organizing appearance, materials, location, and public releases. I have been held responsible for all production and lighting equipment as well as overseeing transportation of equipment during shooting days.

Some of my credentials include projects requiring video editing, graphic design, special effects, and web design. I have shot, edited, and produced my own music videos, and short films. I have an extensive network of crew, talent, rental houses, and locations for the Atlanta area. I am well known as a hard worker and I am confident that I will be hearing from you soon.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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