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Hi, I'm Chris Layhe! I'm a highly experienced and creative color grader, editor and DP on films, documentaries, narratives, tv programs, commercials for the small and big screens, music videos and high end corporate videos. I'm probably best known for my work with large sensor projects, having been one of the first adopters of the RED digital film system, and developers of real world workflows to handle the outputs in the edit and color grade - as well as DPing shoots with the original beast. These experiences have translated over the years into a deep creative understanding on how to get the best out of 4k to 8k sensors, and make their high resolution digital outputs look and flow filmically, whether it is behind the camera, behind the grading screen or cutting short and long form projects.

I, and my company CLAi, are based in Santa Cruz, on the coast just outside San Francisco, and I also have satellite spaces in central San Francisco and central San Jose... as well as bringing my edit and colorist skills on location with portable systems where appropriate. I edit on Premiere, Avid Symphony, FCP X and 7, and in DaVinci Resolve on CLAi's five powerful 2016 mac pro systems; color grade primarily on DaVinci Resolve studio on three matching full bore 2016 mac pro D700 systems; and I provide a complete service as a finishing editor, colorist, final audio mixer (with Pro Tools) and master output to take your rough cut and turn it into a finished product. CLAi also have our own Sony FS7 and Sony FS5 camera systems for 4k RAW shooting, and have both REDs and Arri cameras on call, or I can DP with your equipment.

Last but not least, I'm able to be extremely budget and schedule friendly - a major requirement for the Indie film and music/arts projects that I take on - by working solo just as Chris Layhe, or quickly upscaling to add other creative compatible professionals to the team as CLAi only as needed. It's a very efficient and effective way of working that allows for the highest levels of quality and creativity without breaking the bank. It also allows time for me to chat with other professionals about their projects, and help to evolve ways to create pieces that excel.

I have over 25 years of experience as a DP and editor, starting at the BBC in documentary film to perfect the storytelling chops and fine tuning at Saatchi & Saatchi in London to hone my creative eye, before forming CLAi and moving to the States. I've been color grading for the last 8 years and was fortunate enough to be elected to the Colorist Society International, the feature film professional colorist body, in 2016.

I have been in the industry since 1986.

The Art Of The Grade
Added on 9/30/2016

Chris Layhe and CLAi's "How We Do It" Colorist Reel...

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