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“Something from something is nothing, but something from nothing…now that’s
something. Nothing challenges me to use everything to create something…”

My name is Bob Lucchesi and I welcome the opportunity to have fun with any company that likes to play. Nothing gives me a greater sense of joy than using my talents and passion to create something that impacts an audience. I'm NOT just an industry editor.

Mostly recently I managed two very unique projects. The first was our annual
Christmas play at Bay Cities Community Church. Faced with no budget and limited
resources, I rallied all of my years of television experience to tell the story of
Christmas with little more than green felt for a green screen and handmade
projection stencils. What was once just “a play with kids singing carols” was now a
live show extravaganza with special effects, spotlights and video roll-ins. When all
was said and done, both kids and parents had a lifetime memory that would even
make Kodak proud.

I also work closely with City2 Sea, a non-profit group that offers at-risk kids the
opportunity to explore the ocean while learning the fundamentals of biology. This
project was created with lots of love and an old SD camera. It’s what I call
guerrilla-style documentary taping at it’s “funnest” since you never know what the
kids or mother nature may have in store. With each adventure comes a great story
and a positive lesson learned for all of the participants, even for those who view it

These are just some of the projects that allowed me to display both creativity and
passion for my craft. I like the challenge of developing an idea and taking it to a
level that sometimes even surprises me.

In an environment where there is no judgment of ideas and “spitballing” is
encouraged I thrive, explore and explode! I love danger and being part of a team
that is on a mission.

DEMO REEL vimeo.com/120106837

Robert Lucchesi

I have been in the industry since 1988.

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