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I am an Emmy-nominated videographer based in Denver, CO. I run this little company here in order to make videos that inspire people. My full-time job is working at a local production company as the staff videographer where I do pretty much everything from corporate videos to TV shows, to major live event productions.

Capturing stories and putting them in a visual medium is my passion. Thankfully, I am blessed to have been born into a unique place in history allowing me to follow that dream and share these stories with a global audience. As an inspired creative, I find myself being pulled in many directions and pursuing a variety of interests which include filmmaking, broadcast and internet television, documentary education, community development, music, design, the great outdoors, world travel and much more.

I hail from the beautiful and enchanting Pacific Northwest. Olympia, Washington to be more accurate. I fell in love with the magic of video creation at a young age while tinkering with a portable CD player and a Panasonic VHS camcorder to create my own movies with a soundtrack. Proper computer software was a mystery and a luxury I did not have. It wasn’t until a few years after graduating high school that life brought me to the Mile High City where I studied at The Art Institute of Colorado. All things considered, my studies went well and I walked away with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, Magna Cum Lauda. After several false starts in the struggling Colorado industry following the Great Recession of 2008, I finally broke through and managed to begin building my own story as a filmmaker.

So far my adventures have led to an Emmy nomination for my work on Hope Grows, a short piece about the incredible work of Denver Children’s Home. I have also had the opportunity to travel around the United States creating the local (in five major markets) garden-to-table TV show, Dig In. In the somewhat-near future I plan to travel to Romania and create a documentary about life in the roughest parts of Bucharest and the people who work to change their city for the better. I am always looking for more stories to tell along the way. If you have come here in search of a way to tell a story then I hope that we can work together.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

Matthew & Melissa Get Hitched
Added on 1/15/2014
I've known Melissa for a few years now. We met while both working at Starbucks in downtown Denver. She's the type of person who knows what she wants and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty to make it happen. She's very DIY like that. So much so that she built her own wedding cake because no cake shop in town was willing to realize her vision. I've only met Matt a few times but these two lovebirds were clearly made for each other. Matt and Melissa's big day certainly arrived with it's share of hangups. You may recall the great flood of 2013 that shook Colorado this summer. This was that weekend. The wedding location, Pine, CO, was fortunately south of the disaster areas, however about a dozen people (maid of honor included) were unable to make the celebration due to the state of emergency. Tragic as it was, that wasn't about to stand in the way of this amazing couple's holy matrimony. I chose to use the song, As I Am, by Denver's own Paper Bird. I think you'll agree that it is a perfect fit. You can find their album, Rooms, available for purchase at paperbirdband.bandcamp.com Enjoy!

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