Shan Khan

Chicago, Illinois

About Me

Chicago based DP/Director specializing in camera magic and creative firepower. 5x Canon C300mkII owner | Drone Operator | Interview lighting + audio. Hirable as a director, cinematographer, editor or whatever. I was raised to do it all.

I’ve been producing top of the line production services for some of the biggest brands including Red Bull, Marriott, and Heineken. From touring with A$AP Rocky for Courvoisier’s “Honor Your Code” campaign to directing everything from commercials, documentaries, and video crews at music festivals, I have the experience and knowledge to take on any production.

I’m also the director of video production at Audiotree Media. I help run a team of shooters, editors, and designers who craft visually compelling and emotionally impactful work.

Our combined work entails 4k filmmaking, live streaming, creative design, licensing and distribution, multi-track audio recording, promotions, photography, motion graphics, and live music. Whew. We do a lot. And we do it all for you.

I’m continually expanding my client base and would love to be a part of your next production.

I enjoy history, science, good company, fast motorcycles, rock n roll, bowling, white russians, Kurt Russel, and of course, movies.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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