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Sacramento, California

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Film and video professional with the aspect of editing, directing, producing, and screenwriting. Reliable, gregarious passionate, with strong interpersonal skills, excellent verbal skills and strong writing skills as well as time management. Creative and a risk taker.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Midwest Femceez Documentary Trailer
Added on 1/19/2014
"Determining the absence and awareness of Hip-Hop female rappers." The Midwest Femceez penetrates the opinions from several independent female Hip-Hop artists located in the Midwest of the United States. The Midwest Femceez discusses the discontinuation and concerns with the images and characteristics of women roles being replaced as objects. Many female rappers of the Midwest Femceez contest there opinions as the Hip-Hop industry mainly being predominately male oriented. However, just dating back to the early years of rap music the Hip-Hop industry had a balance with women and men. Since that era "What has happened to female rappers"? Eight individual females expressed their opinions of women being absence and how they intend on bringing back the awareness in Hip-Hop.

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