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Photo Booth Rental
“It’s a Photo Booth, it’s an App, it’s a Second Screen—it’s twine, the One-Night Stand of Social Networks”
Most of us live for the next great experience while we cherish, share and relive the old ones. With that in mind, the twineLABS team set out to create the world’s first event- based, shared experience network. With the twine ecosystem of products, we’ve combined emerging technology, digital and physical photography tools and private, social media group collaboration to create an all-in-one, live event solution.
It’s time to empower event hosts and event attendees with an option to participate, see and share all of the candid and behind-the-scenes photos being taken (in real time) at every event. Just “twine it” and kick your next event to another level.
THE twine
The twine itself is the digital network that serves as the foundation for all image sharing, collecting and viewing (before, during and after) each event. twine becomes the one night stand of social media networks through the act of sharing visual experiences in real time with event-specific guests and related fans. At the close of each, individual event, the related twine (photo gallery) is archived online.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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