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Napoli, Italy

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Francesco D’Andrea is a Composer, arranger, songwriter and music producer for Film and Television.

His works have been featured in many award winning feature films and Tv Series as background scores and TV’s promo music, including such popular TV Shows as: “The Big Bang Theory”, “House M.D.”, “Mad Men”, “Revolution”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “CSI NY”, “Family Guy”, “SouthPark”, “The Mentalist”, ”Criminal Minds”, “Glee”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Law and Order”, “The Vampire Diaries” and many more.

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Francesco also scored the original soundtrack of the awarded feature film “Spaghetti Story”, and his music works have been placed in many highly acclaimed and award winning movies promos, film dvd and theatrical trailers, including “10,000 BC”, “Argo: Inside Story”, “Honey 2″, “Sin City”.

He scored the music for several national and worldwide TV advertising campaigns, his clients including “Nestle”, “Fox”, “NBC”, “AMC”, “Nokia”.
Francesco’s music have been heard in many american TV Shows such as “American Idol”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “River Monsters”, “Saturday Night Live”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “NBA, Action” and many more.

He has been often described as a prolific and eclectic, versatile composer. His works span through a wide palette of orchestrations, instruments and styles, combining symphonic, rock, pop and electronic worlds together.

Born in Naples, Italy, he begun studying music when he was 11 years old. He attended the classes of guitar, music theory and composition at the “Saint Louis Music College” of Rome, writing his first pop, rock, funk, orchestral and jazz music, and studying with the maestros Lello Panico, Antonio Affrunti, Franco Giacoia, Pierpaolo Principato, Franco Canfora.

His compositions include original works for symphonic orchestra, chamber ensembles, jazz band, as well as solo music for piano, guitar and other instruments, and rock, blues, electronic, Rnb and much more. He is also an active composer for the theatre and cartoons.

Besides his work as music producer and composer, Francesco is also an active guitar performer, songwriter and session player.

Nowadays, his credits and clients list includes some of the most popular companies and TV Networks, including Fox Tv, AMC, NBC, Sky, HBO, Warner Bros and more.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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