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Marriottsville, Maryland


About Me

Mixwell Studios is owned and operated by Max Wilson a Recording engineer with 6+ years of experience in the Recording Industry. The studio is privately located in a gated property with great views. The interior is a mixture of french, english and rustic that is all clean and new. Our aim is to make you feel great so you can deliver the best product.

The studio is running off a Windows/Protools 8 rig with Apogee rosetta A/D conversion. With Available 4 channel SSL VHD Pre's that are great for guitars and vocals. The Mic's we use are the TLM 103 and KSM 44.

We are currently Offering

-Mobile Recording for $70/hr
This will include me Driving out to you with my gear (Labtop,Interface,Microphone,Stand,S/e Filter,Headphones) and Recording you at the comfort of your home, office, garage, etc...

-(In) House Studio Recording for $50-$60/hr
You get to sit in comfort as you record your next single, demo, ep, or album , This includes all inclusive access to Mixwell Facility and Gear. Also a Lounge , private bathroom, kitchen, Outdoor fire-pit and picnic area.
-(In) House Mixing
Private Mixing sessions with a Engineer of Choice, Sit one on one and watch your vision transform to a reality.
-(In) House Mastering
Referencing and Critical listening will help get your track to the finalized product ready for print. We offer
-(In) House Light Scribe Cd duplication between $80-$300 100 max
Need CDs for distribution, promotion, submissions, etc. ?? We got your back with our affective and professional Light scribe system to in-print your graphics or logo onto CDs
and into a presentable product.
-(In) House Producers
-(In) House Private Chef between $60-$80/hour
Going to be in the studio for 12 hours or more? Or Maybe you just want some home cooked food? Ask about our Chef who offers specials or will come and cook you anything you want by request ! we are located by 2 -24/hr food markets. This has been a big hit for our clients and seem to be the only studio offering such service.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

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