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New York, New York

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I am a 3D Generalist living and working in NYC. I have worked in the commercial industry for the past 6 years now and am familiar with studio pipelines and working under tight deadlines. I am extremely dedicated and always looking to learn and push myself to advance my skillset.

My abilities include but are not limited to modeling, texturing, animating, rigging, lighting & rendering. I am skillful at hard surface and product modeling as well as organic modeling and can also rig characters, props, and graphics.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

Demo Reel 2013
Added on 1/28/2014
SHOT BREAKDOWN: GilletteMach3 - modeling/texturing Monkey - animation (rig compliments GobelinsBurningSafari) DietCokeManiac - modeling/texturing/rigging FlipPhones - everything Arm&HammerSpinbrush - modeling/texturing/rigging/animation/lighting AlmondJoy - modeling/texturing ExxonMobil - modeled/rigged pistons IceBreakersDuo - modeling/texturing Toad - everything ExtraGum - modeling/texturing/rigging Gun - everything GilletteFusionProducts - modeling/texturing DietCokeSmile - modeling/texturing/rigging QuiltedNorthern - modeling/texturing/rigging AlmondJoy/Mounds - modeling/texturing CBSCatchUp&Relish - modeling/texturing Hersheys - modeling/texturing

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