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About Me

I am a Greater Boston Area freelance video producer and editor who shoots primarily on DSLRs and edits in Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro (7 & X). I am an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer and have produced a variety of training and promotional content including online classes, internet tutorials, interviews, documentaries, real estate videos, live events & master classes, promo spots for schools, startups and nonprofits. Specific production skills include shooting, lighting, editing, audio post and mix, motion graphics & design and compression/encoding for delivery.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Music Production Training Promo for Pyramind Training in San Francisco
Added on 1/28/2014
Cutting edge music production training resides in the marriage of talent, technology and professional instructors. I co-wrote, produced, shot and edited this video while I was Video Producer and video editing instructor for Pyramind in San Francisco. This video is a production of Pyramind, LLC. This video contains some third party content.


Colorist/Sound Mixer – Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Female Mind

March, 2021 — June, 2021
Feature – Off The Grid Productions

Colorist/Sound Mixer – Enchanted Hills: Legacy of an Art Colony

August, 2019 — October, 2019
Feature – Off The Grid Productions

Producer/Editor/Colorist/Sound Mixer – Negotiating with Nature

January, 2017 — April, 2018
Feature – Noorden Productions

Trailer Editor – The Hanji Box

January, 2016 — January, 2016
Short Film – Off The Grid Productions

Assistant Editor – Silent U

October, 2015 — November, 2020
Feature – Astrea Media


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