miguel marquez

Garfield, New Jersey

About Me

Miguel Marquez

375 Banta Ave. Tel: (973) 246-7685
Garfield N.J. 07026 E-mail: MigMarquez@aol.com

Work Experience:
January2010/Present Day

Freelance Technician


Rainbow Media Studios 11 Penn. Plaza, NYC.
My responsibilities at Rainbow Media included hands on knowledge of A/V
routers, digital cameras, profile systems and tape machines, video switchers
Audio consoles and ATC lighting boards. I also worked as the transmission
Coordinator during live shows. I have at many times assumed the responsibility
Of being Tech Manager leading me to work closely work with the production

Modern Telecommunications Inc. NY.NY.
MTI was a great place for me to start it provided me with an array of knowledge
of both stage and post production. My duties included wiring equipment racks
knowledge of rack elevations interpreting blue prints and terminating various cables with their proper connectors. As a Jr. Engineer I had hands on experience with repairing switchers, tape machines, cameras and all audio equipment including all that encompasses the facility.
I also needed to have very good social skills to work with the crew, client, production staff and most important with my team of Engineers.


I began my career within 3 months after graduation with A.F. A. building turn key
systems. I since then worked with other companies as a freelance tech.

I have been in the industry since 1989.

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