Arthur Warren

Lisbon Falls, Maine


About Me

This is my calling. I have been fascinated with EVERYTHING that goes into film and television products. I enjoy working with local production companies located in Maine because they know unique untold stories. My desire is a thirst for knowledge on techniques from all sorts of different positions. Anything from the editing desks and how the editor chose which clips to put in the film to the light source for the talent . Also I enjoy camera operations and special effect.

I recently graduated from Southern Maine Community College. While there I majored in Communications & New Media. My primary focus in school was video & audio production. I have worked Canon 7d DSLRs, Sony Z7U, and Sony Z1U. Also my passion is in Editing and Production Assistant. I want to work for a production company so I further my abilities and learn more from editing professionals.

I have worked with a few local production companies on the side while going to school. They helped me expand my knowledge and let me put the things I learned in to practical uses. I worked as Production Assistant mostly but I am confident in my editing skills and grip abilities.

My five year plan include working for a local production company and expand my knowledge. I see myself as an editor living happily in Portland Maine. I eventually want to start my own production company to tell more untold stories.

I have been in the industry since 2013.

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